Our partners make nVent who we are. As we continue to grow as a new company, we have created a repository to help you easily find information about our goals, our brands and how we engage with our partner community. If you have any questions about nVent and how we can work with you, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Business Profile

Who is nVent

nVent is a global, $2.1 billion company that provides enclosures, electric heat-tracing solutions, complete heat management systems and electrical and fastening solutions.

Our Brands

Legal Entities

Your accounting and business teams may be familiar with other company names. You will sometimes see these entity names on invoices and other legal or business documents:



These are legal entities of nVent and may have been renamed or updated in the past year. However, these entity names are not used for marketing or promotional purposes.

Nonetheless, some of our legal entities were renamed, so check if you need to update your ERP system with our new company details.

Download our legal entity names

Product Portfolios

nVent is a global leader in the fields of enclosures, electric heat-tracing solutions, complete heat management systems and electrical and
fastening solutions.

Learn more about these segments and some of their products using the interactive tool below.

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  • Electrical and Fastening Solutions
  • Enclosures
  • Thermal Management

Brand Identity Standards

As marketers and communicators, you know that brand recognition is important for reputation and customer loyalty. To support this effort, we are excited to work with you to rebrand our assets on your website.

Consistency in our collective work supports solution building and growth opportunities across the nVent brand portfolio. Therefore, in addition to rebranding your website with the new logos, we would appreciate if you could remove all old documentation and replace it with nVent-branded assets.

Download our logos by clicking on the images below!

We recommend that you also download the nVent Brand Identity Standards for Channel Partners to make sure that our logos are used appropriately.

Event branding is also important should you exhibit our products on your stand. Products panels should be identifiable with a sub-brand logo and respect the design guidelines as per the Co-branding pages (Section 3.1) of our brand identity standards.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Event Brand Compliance Manager at [email protected] if you are unsure how to best represent the nVent brands and products.


Do not hesitate to contact us should you have branding queries.

Reminder: please remember that the email address of your contact(s) changed on May1, 2018. Today all our email addresses follow the pattern [email protected]