Learn how a functional PXI Express chassis is put together in order to comply with market demands for increased data transfer and flexibility.

The open industry platform PXI Express (developed by the PXI Systems Alliance) is an adaptation of the PXI platform, which uses the PCI Express bus and CompactPCI Express form factor. Its primary application is a wide range of high-performance, PC-based test and measurement applications in industry, research, and development. PXI Express, based on PC architecture, is specifically defined for measurement and automation systems with high demands on synchronization and flexibility as well as the scalability of measurement systems.

In this whitepaper you will learn more about:

  • PXI Express and the advantages of a modular chassis approach
  • PXI Express chassis structured according to the modular principle for
    • Mechanical Enclosures
    • Power Supply
    • Cooling
    • Backplane
  • PXI Express Chassis and its functional modules
    • PXI Express Clock Module
    • PCI Express Switch Module
    • PCI Express to PCI Bridge Module
    • Bridge Module Trigger