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New challenges for test and measurement systems

Different approaches to protecting your sensitive electronics

Technological advances have an impact on both test and measurement systems as well as on specific simulation systems. Therefore, test equipment manufacturers need to prepare for a higher demand for complex simulation.

How to get started?

In this whitepaper, you will learn how new technologies are changing the requirements for protecting test system in terms of data synchronization, processing power, power supply, cooling, data storage, mechanical housing and long-term availability - from small form factor cases to 19" systems and electronic cabinets.


Examples on how to protect the deployed test and measurement equipment for:
  • Simulating and testing autonomous driving
  • Test and measurement equipment in production engineering
  • Tests and simulations for quality assurance in aeronautical engineering

Tips for selecting the right equipment solution: 
  • Requirements for system architecture and mechanical platform
  • Flexible branding to ensure corporate identity
  • Getting a fast project start


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