SpectraCool Slim Fit air conditioners are easy to specify and ready to use. With filterless operation, global certifications and with the remote access controller, the SpectraCool Slim Fit air conditioner makes automation cooling easy for system designers and operations maintenance teams around the world.

Master Slave - Up to 4 units in one group

The master-slave application is used to lead a group of air conditioners in electrical function using one unit so called the master which operates as a leading unit. It can operate up to four air conditioners. With the option of a communication board for Remote Access Control in the master unit only one IP address is needed for all air conditioners.

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Remote Access Control

Avoid the surprise of an overheating cabinet wherever your industrial system is deployed by monitoring and managing your industrial cooling simply from your PC, laptop or PLC. An optional communication board offers capabilities that include SNMP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet protocols through Ethernet and Modbus RTU protocol via USB. Use the free PC interface software tool “Hoffman A.C. Monitor” to monitor and manage your SpectraCool Slim Fit air conditioner without repeated, time-consuming and expensive maintenance visits.

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