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De-Icing, Snow Melting, Freeze Protection, Comfort Heating, Fire-Rated Wiring and Leak Detection Solutions for Rail and Transit

nVent Thermal Management is pleased to inform you that we have acquired the Intellectual Property of RTR Technologies including proprietary application/manufacturing technology, design techniques and solution know-how associated with RTR’s Integrated Rail Heating products and solutions.

nVent is the world’s leading manufacturer of heating cables and controllers and our TRACER team possesses world class project design, installation and solutions integration capabilities. Our team has worked with multiple transit agencies and has successfully executed large and complex transit projects around the world. nVent is strongly positioned to bring its world class products, capabilities and proven track record of providing safe and reliable operations directly to Rail and Transit customers.


Contact Rail Heating
RAYCHEM Contact Rail Heaters prevent ice and snow accumulation on the contact rail and reduce costly service interruptions while reducing transportation service interruptions.

Optimized energy efficient design.

Available as both power-limiting and self-regulating systems.

Reduces potential for in-service damage.

Switch Rail Heating
RAYCHEM Switch Point and Switch Rod Heaters and Controls offer the latest service-proven solutions for track switch snow melting and de-icing.

Fully customizable for easy install and maintenance.

50% energy savings with maximum heat transfer.

Rugged design = longevity.

CAT Heating
We offer de-icing solutions for the overhead contact surface (OCS) between the Contact/Trolley Wire and the Pantograph for optimal operation.

Eliminates costly interruptions.

Efficient rapid heat transfer.

Designed to remain securely attached to the contact wire during all service conditions.

Threshold Heating
RAYCHEM Threshold Heating ensures efficient safe ingress and egress to and from passenger vehicles.

Ensures fast removal of ice and snow.

Reduces slip and fall accidents.

Durable construction provides consistent, smooth door operation in challenging winter weather conditions.

Platform Heating
Our platform heating solutions supply heat uniformly and efficiently to ADA mandated platform pavers or composite panels, keeping them completely free of ice and snow.

Reduces slip and fall hazard.

Eliminates winter maintenance of the platform edge.

Railcar Auxiliary Heating
RAYCHEM Freeze Protection Systems yield industry leading performance for the following applications:

Door thresholds, door guides, toilet drain and suction lines, storage tanks and other fill and drain lines.

Transit Vehicle Surface Heating
Our electric radiant heated panels are designed to provide healthful, reliable and comfortable heat for passengers and operating personnel on rolling stock.

Space saving heat source.

Consistent thermal performance and long-term reduced operating costs.

Fire-Rated Wiring
PYROTENAX Fire-rated wiring solutions are agency approved and designed to keep electrical power flowing to critical life safety equipment in the event of a fire. Proven applications include:

Emergency Fire pumps, Emergency Lighting and Ventilation Systems in Tunnels and Stations.

Leak Detection Systems
TRACETEK Fuel and Water Leak Detection Systems detect and locate leaks within seconds. Our systems serve the following applications:

Water leak detection in communication, data and control rooms.

Fuel leak detection in back-up generators.

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