Preventative Maintenance Program


nVent HOFFMAN preventative maintenance service helps to keep your nVent HOFFMAN AC unit operating at the highest most efficient levels. Maintenance should be performed at least twice a year, more frequently when in challenging conditions, such as dusty, high humidity, high heat, and oily or corrosive environments.


Check Point Description
Operational Inspection Run unit through all modes of operation and record temperatures, voltages, and amperes
Visual Inspection Visually inspect the unit for damage, cleanliness, missing, loose, or broken parts
Filter Maintenance Inspect, clean, and replace filter as necessary
Clean Unit Inspect and clean coils, fans/blowers, louvers, air inlets/outlets, interior and exterior of unit as required
Controller Cycle Sequence Cycle the controller through all modes of operation to ensure proper cycling and temperature setpoint operation. Adjust to proper setting (Typically 25°-30°)
Air Flow and Circulation Inspect AC unit, cabinet, and surrounding area to ensure adequate airflow to and from the unit on both the inlet and outlet air channels for the ambient and cabinet air
Seals, Gaskets, and Leaks Inspect and repair the seals, gaskets, and access holes around the unit and/or cabinet that show signs of leaking air and/or moisture
Condensate and Drains Inspect and clean the condensate pans and drains to ensure proper drainage and dissipation of moisture
Electrical/Wiring Inspect for loose, damaged, corroded, or chaffing wiring and connections. Tighten, insulate, or tie-up wires as required
Options and Accessories Check operation and functionality of optional and accessory items such as digital display/controller, door switches, alarm switches, air baffles/deflectors, etc.
Refrigeration System Inspect refrigeration tubing/lines for signs of leaks, rubbing, corrosion, or damage. Check the compressor for proper operation, mounting, and visible signs of exposure to high heat
Maintenance Records Update maintenance records on the unit and in the management system

US & Canada pricing: $490 USD per unit per visit

Mexico pricing: $390 USD per unit per visit

All Other Locations: Contact for quote ([email protected] or 763-422-2211 follow prompts for option 1, then 2, then 3)

Volume discounts (within 250 mile vicinity): Over 10 units = 5% discount, Over 25 units = 7% discount, Over 50 units = 10% discount

Multi-service Discount:
The following discounts will apply if nVent HOFFMAN Preventative Maintenance plan is purchased with any of the Extended Warranty options:

PM Discounts
1YR EW with 10% off in years 1 & 2
2YR EW with 10% off year 1; 15% off years 2 & 3 
4YR EW with 20% off year 1 & 2; 25% off years 3,4 & 5

Additional costs:

Excessive wait times exceeding 15 minutes, parking fees, site specific training, unit removal, or any other items not listed in this estimate will be invoiced at our standard contractual rates. Any repair recommendations found during preventive maintenance service will be quoted separately. These prices are valid through 2023.

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