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Quick-ship Assemblies

nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions turns quotation requests around in less than 24 hours. Our proposal will include pricing and lead-time information. Generally speaking, we can fabricate and ship all wiring device assemblies within one business day. Located in Arizona, this means that we can have product on your job site within one week or sooner from receipt of order* – even if the job is in Portland, Maine, or Miami, Florida.

Quick-ship wiring device assemblies include:

  • Specialty mounting brackets for wiring device applications.
  • Screw-gun brackets for applications where no wiring device is pre-installed, i.e. light fixture, fire alarm junction box, etc.
  • Any wiring device configuration: Receptacles, switches, GFCIs – any grade (commercial, specification, hospital), any type (standard or decorator), any manufacturer.
  • All assemblies with wiring devices installed ship with our unique open-back box. You never have to take apart an assembly to connect cable or conduit.
  • Use for MC cable or EMT applications.
  • Available with MC cable attached: specify size and length.
  • All assemblies shipped and labeled with appropriate identification and with your company’s name on the label.
  • Everything we manufacture is UL-listed.

Please see PRODUCTS section of this website for more information.

(*) subject to wiring device availability.

Click here to download the Quick-Ship Assemblies Request for Quote.


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