nVent - CADDY PREFAB Solutions

Our Process

From start to finish, our process ensures that nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions are manufactured in an efficient manner and engineered to successfully be employed on any project type.

Our flexible engineering and manufacturing methodology can reduce lead times and helps eliminate wasteful practices.

Our process:
  • Review specifications for material type and electrical requirements
  • Identify potential interference points with other trades to provide an opportunity to avoid conflict
  • Involve experienced electricians to perform the engineering and layout of the system
  • Identify potential installation problems and forward a RFI to you
  • Coincide with project schedule
We provide:
  • A team to inspect and test all components of the system
  • Ergonomically sized cartons that are clearly identified by unit and area
  • Layout drawing with each shipping carton that numerically identify each assembly location and specific installation information
  • Wall labels with assembly identification number, information on connection points , and the correct mounting height
  • Large assembly labels that includes all data required to install the assembly and the cable, including incoming and outgoing connections, mounting height, and circuit information
  • Assemblies with an open-back box system that allows all terminations to be made at the rear of the junction box, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming disassembly process

To finish installation make final connections, fold the conductors neatly into the box and secure a standard blank plate to the back. Everything the installation crew needs is supplied in the box, including the blank cover plates, MC connectors for the free ends of the cables, fire stop putty pads if required, and other accessories as necessary.


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