Whether it be for CBTC, train monitoring or platform control, you can use nVent SCHROFF Outdoor Cabinets in a variety of settings. Easy installation and maintenance friendly.

The versatile Outdoor Cabinet platforms offer features and capabilities to cater to your specific requirements, so leveraging them will extend your application’s lifecycle, ensure safety and reliability and reduce operational costs affecting your Total Cost of Ownership over your application’s lifespan.


The Outdoor Modular Cabinet ensures a smooth and dependable functioning of sensitive electronics in outdoor environments. The standardized components are based on IEC 61969.

Specifically, the Outdoor Modular Cabinet has been redesigned with relevant railway certifications in mind, which makes it the ideal solution for railway trackside applications:

Certification Description
IEC 61969-3 and EN 50125-3 Protection against environmental conditions
EN 50125-3 Shock & vibration (1-3 m from the rail)
EN 60529 Ingress protection up to IP55
IEC 61587-2 and IEC 61969-3 Earthquake resistance up to Seismic Bellcore Zone 4
EN 50125-1/-3 Wind resistance (180 km/h)
EN 1627 and EN 1630 Vandalism protection
IEC 61969-2 Coordination dimensions
IEC 60068-2-75, IEC 62262 and IK 10 Impact/hammer test



The newly designed Outdoor Modular Cabinet not only fulfills relevant railway certifications, but also offers additional functional benefits:

  • Thermal management options: double wall design with direct active fan cooling with control PWM and thermostat or cooling through air conditioner
  • Weight-efficient, corrosion-resistant and robust aluminum construction with integrated corner blocks for structural integrity
  • Newly designed claddings parts, hinges and locks provide enhanced protection from vandalism
  • Flexible dimensions and extensive range of accessories and also compatibility with 19” cabinet accessories
  • Access to cabinet from all sides for easy maintenance


Robust, Functional and Certified


    Inner case with removable outer cladding

    Aluminum body

    Mid-featured outdoor cabinet

    Wall or pole mounting

    Front accessibility

    Double wall aluminum

    Cooling through natural convection, fan or heat exchanger


    Specifically certified for railway trackside applications

    Aluminum profile frame

    Removable, double-walled cladding

    Flexible in design and dimensions

    For high thermal management requirements

    All sides accessible


    For diverse applications in industry, transportation and communication

    Weight- saving aluminum body

    Single- wall cabinet

    Front & rear accessibility