Data Center & Networking Toolkit


This Networking & Datacom Sales Toolkit contains all documentation and links available for nVent HOFFMAN reps and distributors.

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Recent Product Launches

IDF Brochure

HDLC Sell Sheet

CableTek Vertical Cable Management Sell Sheet

ProLine S1 Sell Sheet

RackChiller In-Row
Sell Sheet

RackChiller In-Row
Battle Card

RackChiller Rear Door
Sell Sheet

RackChiller Rear Door
Battle Card

Free-Stand IDF Sell Sheet

ProLine IDF Sell Sheet

ProTek IDF Sell Sheet

RackPower Sell Sheet

RackPower Inquiry Form

RackPower Battle Card

RackPower Brochure

RackPower Configurator

Free Standing Racks/Cabinets
Sell Sheet

Edge and Data Center Cooling Solutions Brochure

DNS Overview Brochure

nVent DNS Product Offering

Data Center Leak
Detection Whitepaper

ProLine Aisle Containment Brochure

ProLine Aisle Containment Sell Sheet

ProLine Express Containment
SwitchFix Sell Sheet


RackPower - Infrastructue Under Control



nVent DNS Cooling Capabilities



Marketing Resources

nVent HOFFMAN Networking Catalog




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