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Performance and Dependability for Mission-Critical Systems


nVent SCHROFF Military & Defense Solutions

You can count on nVent SCHROFF for complete mechanical, electronic and thermal solutions supported by a team of experienced engineers and test laboratories. We understand military and defense compliance requirement, so we can provide certification and procured part tracing for government programs.

System Management Solutions
The Schroff Pigeon Point management solutions are used by leading companies worldwide for open modular platforms like VPX, ATCA and MicroTCA.

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VPX Technologies
Ruggedized systems solutions in accordance with industry standards and modifications that can be made to meet specific application requirements

Robust technology for industrial and rugged applications:

Conduction Cooled Assemblies
Designed to retain and cool PCBs in rugged, heavy shock and high vibration environments commonly found in Military and Defense and commercial aerospace systems

Retain and cool off your PCB’s faster:

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Learn how recent Card Lok innovations can better meet SWaP and Second Level Maintenance requirements:
High Clamp Force, Small Profile
Card Loks
Improve clamp force by 3X over traditional Card Loks! Family of small profile, high clamp force Card Loks that are drop-in replacements for the 260, 263, 265, and 267 series.

Ruggedize your design:

High Thermal Sawtooth
Card Loks
Improve thermal performance by 15% over traditional Card Loks with our family of High Thermal Sawtooth Card Loks that are drop in designs for the 260, 265 and 280 series.

Ruggedize your design:

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