Put nVent Rail Heating Systems To The Test

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to think about rail heating. There's still an opportunity to address rail heating needs this year. It’s also the perfect time to qualify suppliers and heating system technologies with trial installations. nVent offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for switches, contact rail (third rail), and overhead catenary wire heating. We are an integral provider of rail heating systems to Class I freight railroads as well as transits. We make qualifying our heating products easy, contact us to set up a trial installation. Put nVent rail heating systems to the test! 

Featured Products 

nVent Flat MI Switch Heating System  

This system features an American made, AAR certified constant wattage heating element powerful enough to melt ice in the harshest winter conditions.  This service-proven heater is subjected to rigorous in-house quality testing before it hits the job site to ensure the system delivers reliable, outstanding performance in service. For more information on the nVent Flat MI heating system, download the nVent Rail Heating Systems catalog

nVent Contact Rail Heating System   

The nVent Contact Rail Heating Systems helps transits maintain safe, reliable rail service in icy conditions. nVent offers numerous contact rail heating system design and component configurations. As the go-to supplier for contact rail switch heating in North America, nVent has delivered over 1.5 million feet of contact rail heating cables to critical locations in transits along the Northeast Corridor of the United States. For more information on nVent Contact Rail Heating, download the nVent Rail Heating Systems catalog

nVent Self Regulating Heating System

Reduce switch heating energy consumption by 30% or more with the nVent Self Regulating Heating System for track switches. This system features advanced nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables that automatically sense changes in ambient temperature and adjust power output accordingly to provide heat when and where it is needed. By working when it needs to, the nVent Self Regulating heating cable is significantly more energy-efficient. Railways throughout the world are becoming increasingly focused on environmental sustainability and consuming 30% less power to operate electric switch heaters per season is a tangible way to reduce the network's carbon footprint. To learn more about the nVent Self Regulating Heating System, download the nVent Rail Heating Systems Catalog. 

nVent CAT Heat

Overhead catenary provides electricity that powers rail vehicles in many types of transit networks. In cold-weather regions, ice buildup on overhead catenary can disrupt the critical power supplying connection between the train's pantograph and the catenary contact wire. Without this connection, the train will lose power and service will come to a halt. In addition to frustrating delays, ice buildup on overhead wires can damage the catenary system leading to costly repairs. With nVent CAT Heat, we are a leading provider of electric heating systems specifically designed to melt snow on overhead catenary contact wires. To learn more about nVent CAT Heat,  download the nVent Rail Heating Systems Catalog. 

nVent Rail Heating Systems

Download the nVent Rail Heating Systems brochure to learn more about our comprehensive portfolio, which includes solutions for switch heating, contact (third) rail heating, and overhead catenary heating. nVent heating system options include self-regulating or constant wattage heating technology, a wide range of system setups and configurations, as well as optional control systems for remote or onsite operation. 

Are you interested in setting up an nVent rail heating product trial this season? Complete this contact form and let us know what your requirements are.