Free Download: Grounding and Bonding Electrical Solutions Guide


We rely more heavily on technology and electrical equipment than ever. With that comes a higher potential for an unexpected lightning strike or power surge causing issues like equipment downtime or lost business opportunities.

Gain Total Facility Protection from Lightning to Safeguard Your Investments, Personnel and Business

Want to gain full facility protection to safeguard your business, facility, personnel and investments from the catastrophic effects of lightning? Download our in-depth guide, Grounding, Bonding and nVent ERICO Cadweld, to learn how you can protect your facility from the damages of lightning.

Explore nearly 300 pages of facility protection best practices, grounding principles, ground system components, and much more. You’ll learn:

  • The principals of a proper grounding system, including what ground connectors to choose.
  • Why grounding and bonding is integral to a modern electrical protection system.
  • When to choose superior products like the nVent ERICO Cadweld line for increased service life and dependable quality. 

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy of the complimentary guide to learn how to protect your facility from the threats of lightning.

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