PXI Express System -
Outstanding performance for Test & Measurement.

An innovative modular system approach allows you to implement your individual projects quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Modular construction of standard components
  • Reduction of development time and costs
  • Configurable system architecture
  • Standard PCIe Gen.3 data transfer
  • Extended thermal performance (> 50 watts / slot)

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Future ready . modular . customizable

nVent SCHROFF introduces PXI Express Chassis and PXI Express Backplane

PXI Express Chassis

Individual chassis with PXI standard

PXI-Express is based on the PC architecture and has been specifically designed for measurement systems with the highest requirements for synchronization of the measurement cards and flexibility.

PXI Express Backplane

Adaptable with customized circuits, buses and interfaces

The backplane is designed mostly without active components and the backplane placement or routing can be relatively easily adapted to the project requirements.

Modular Concept

Combining PXI Express Chassis and Backplane

To minimize the cost and risk of developing a PXI Express chassis, this modular concept can be extended from the system level to the PXI Express chassis.


Innovative modular chassis architecture
Due to swappable function modules on backplane

Get your customized PXI Express systems
Economical & fast to market thanks to the modular chassis concept

Reliable system design
From decades of experience in robust and unique system, design for industry, test & measurement

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