Earth Potential Rise in Public Spaces Near Telecommunications Facilities [Whitepaper]

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The new word in telecommunications is densification. The densification of the network unfortunately also means that in the modern telecommunications network, telecommunications facilities will be closer to the public domain and often in densely populated area. Examples of such infrastructure could include small cells, macro cells, fiber cabinets and other facilities. Most of these facilities when located in metropolitan areas would be powered via the AC mains from the local power supply network and would require a local telecommunications earth electrode and perhaps an additional AC protective earth electrode as well.

This whitepaper examines two trends and concerns that have emerged with the faster proliferation of telecom facilities in the public domain.

  1. EPR Due to Lightning on Telecom Tower: 3 Lightning-Related Problems
  2. EPR Due to Faults at Electrical Substations: 6 Scenarios That Require Extra Care

This paper will look at methods of grounding and surge protection at location where the above two EPR problems exist. The outcome of this paper will enable audience to implement practices in grounding, bonding and surge protection at sites in public domain where the above EPR risks are anticipated. The outcomes could potentially influence methods of grounding contained in future telecommunications standards related to grounding and protection of telecommunications facilities in densely populated areas are at facilities near electrical substations.

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