Way of use configurator

No, there are 3 ways to start an assembly:

  • From scratch
    • By using the shortcut on our landing page
    • By clicking on Modify button without having selected any dimension
  • From a catalogue item
    • By accessing through the item description page and clicking the Modify button
  • From a saved project
    • In your project list by clicking on Change button (only available if request for quote has not been submitted)
    • In your project list by clicking on Copy button
    The deeper you go in your product definition, the closer to the final product you will start in the configurator

Being registered offers additional features that ease your day-to-day work:

  • Drawings/models generation over 30 format files
  • Configuration saved in our cloud environment, accessible at anytime from anywhere
  • Secured storage space only accessible by you
  • Possibility to change and/or copy and/or delete your previous assemblies
  • Multiple project lists manageable per customer/application
  • Instant pricing (*) or quick request for quote process
  • Automated item number allocation to simplify your order process

  • We offer free storage space for 3 years for items that have not been ordered.
  • No limitation in term of project quantity.
  • After 3 years we will come back to you to check if saved projects are still valid or if we can delete them.

  • No, our configurators are free of installation. They are all web based online tools, no installation is required.
  • You can easily access to our configurators by using your web browser.
  • It allows us to offer always the last version with the most advanced features.

Yes, you can easily share your configurations by exporting a technical specification within several file formats attached.

In the OPTIONS menu within the configurator, you will find a radio buttons that give you ability to switch from metric to imperial units. configurator FAQ

Via your mouse or touchpad by acting on the model

configurator FAQ

Or by using the functions in the left menu

configurator FAQ

If you have configured your front panel, you will be able to start the modification by clicking on the following icon in the left green menu

configurator FAQ

A new window will pop-up and offers new tools allowing to:

  • Add printed text and/or load images
  • Add cut-outs, such as circles, multi-angles or predefined out of the library
  • You can define the position by moving the modification over the front panel or by entering the position directly.