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nVent Thermal Management is the first heat tracing manufacturer to provide BIM solutions to help engineers design and model heat tracing projects.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools including BIM families and the dynamic RAYCHEM Trace-It add-in tool for the Autodesk Revit platform. Architects, engineers, contractors and building owners can easily incorporate heat tracing content into their building models to optimize efficiencies and performance.


RAYCHEM TRACE-IT Add-in for Autodesk Revit (Pipe Heat Trace Applications)

TRACEIT Image testThe new Raychem Trace-It 2.0 add-in enables designers working in Autodesk Revit to design, calculate and specify reliable, high quality heat-tracing solutions directly and quickly within their BIM models.

  • Automatically pulls pertinent information from the Revit model, such as pipe material, sizes, thermal insulation and lengths
  • Provides a bill of materials for the heat-tracing application, circuiting information and loads to assist with estimating and construction.
  • TRACE-IT uses our TraceCalc Pro pipe design engine now Cloud base – allowing for seamless updates for users

Download Trace-It at AutoDesk App Store 

View our Trace-It Video: Here

BIM Families for Autodesk Revit 

BIM Image TestnVent RAYCHEM provides a suite of BIM families to help designers incorporate heat tracing systems into their BIM designs.

The families includes:

  • Revit .RFA and .Txt files
  • Product Specifications
  • nVent RAYCHEM Guide Document

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