As the industrial market demands and deploys faster and faster processing capacities and speeds, you, as engineer, will need to be increasingly vigilant about protecting electrical enclosures – and the components within them – from the resulting higher heat and potential damage.

Excessive heat can result in a slew of repercussions for electrical equipment, including shortened lifecycles, lower productivity and bigger capital expenses.
Proper cooling is essential to your electronics
The life expectancy of electronics is cut in half every 10°C/18°F they operate above room temperature. Operating electronics above certain temperatures can void manufacturers’ warranties, making proper cooling essential.

Read our white paper and learn more about sources of heat, their consequences on your electronic and how to cool vital electronics to increase service life and reduce capital expenses over the long-term.

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Equipment Failures Due To Heat Can Add Up Quickly
Check today which cooling devices would suit to your specific needs. Fill out the form below and get an estimation from us. If necessary our experts will come at your factory to make the thermal audit.

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Only one step to the right cooling solution
Keeping your electronics cool is essential for extending their life and keeping your business running. nVent HOFFMAN offers a full selection of cooling units covering most industrial applications including machine tool, automotive and packaging systems.

Make use of our consulting services and register for a free thermal audit: our expert will check your equipment and send you a proposal for your specific cooling requirements.
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