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Singular platform that supports Seamless Project Management, On-Time Delivery, Schedule Compression and Power Distribution Savings for our Customers.

nVent’s state-of-the-art 3D heat management system design software, TracerLynx was developed in 2005 to minimize errors, delays and rework related to heat tracing engineering design within one powerful database.

TracerLynx compresses project design schedules by combining every element needed to design a full heat management system, including client information, design data and deliverables where the entire project can be seamlessly managed across multiple concurrent users throughout the world.

TracerLynx is uniquely designed to quickly identify the impact of piping and process changes, providing you with a more efficient and accurate EHT system design, saving you hundreds of thousands in Total Installed Costs and up to 25% in associated Power Distribution Costs.

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  • Seamless project management
  • Compressed design schedules
  • Reduced Power Distribution and Total Installed Costs

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Years of 3D Design Expertise

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TracerLynx EHT Designers

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Optimized EHT Circuits


nVent’s 1st 3D EHT Design System


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Singular Platform

  • With TracerLynx, data can be automatically imported and stored along with the applicable calculation and project design details.
  • TracerLynx is not simply a suite of programs; rather it is a singular, powerful program comprised of a master database providing a single source of truth for all data on a global scale.
  • This allows us to reduce errors, quickly modify scope, identify downstream changes and minimize delays to the project’s schedule.

Change Management

  • TracerLynx will quickly identify the impact of piping & process changes on existing EHT circuits, which minimizes the negative impacts to your design and construction schedule.
  • Filtering all changes that impact EHT designs, while providing visual indicators of changes with colored markers to identify the level of change.
  • TracerLynx also evaluates the impact on completed and WIP activities to facilitate early intervention to minimize the impacts of design changes.

Heat Mapping Technology

  • In the early FEED stage of a project, TracerLynx utilizes a proprietary heat loss algorithm to create Heat Load Densities in 3D, to strategically locate EHT Control Panels first, prior to initiating detailed design.
  • This “heat mapping” is a key requirement to begin optimizing power distribution. TracerLynx can import all relevant information into a 3D environment including piping, cable tray, structural beams, buildings, vessels and more.

Power Distribution Savings

  • TracerLynx allows designers to choose the optimal location for power connections. In many cases, the average conduit length drops up to 25%, lowering the total installed cost.
  • TracerLynx imports data normally plotted in 2D programs, including the project’s structural information, into a state-of-the-art 3D platform to eliminate the design guess-work and deliver the visual design clarity that was previously unattainable.
  • Imagine the savings in a large facility with hundreds to thousands of EHT circuits!

Advanced Work Packaging

  • TracerLynx supports Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) to aid in labor, equipment & material management throughout the entire project work cycle.
  • TracerLynx allocates the work into manageable pieces and provides clients with a complete “work package” outlining everything required to ensure safe and efficient construction work.
  • Benefits of AWP include up to a 25% increase in field productivity and a 10% decrease in TIC through site schedule optimization.
  • The utilization of TracerLynx AWP for EHT projects results in predictable schedules, reduced site rework and enhanced safety performance.

Video: Introducing TracerLynx 3D Heat Management System Software

Starting in 2002, nVent developed TracerLynx to streamline EHT designs.

Allowing us to integrate all EHT design elements into one concurrent global work-shared database.

Saving you time and money through project schedule reductions and optimized power distribution designs.

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