ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory Report

Did you Know?

Some UL 2196 / ULC-S139 Listed fire-rated cables produce toxic and/or combustible smoke and gases when exposed to typical building fire temperatures.

- What is actually burning in these cables to produce these gases and smoke?

- What gases are produced and in what quantities?

- Are these gases toxic or flammable?

- Are these gases potentially dangerous to building occupants and first responders?

- Do these cables retain their mechanical strength after exposure to fire?

- Are there UL 2196 / ULC-S139 Listed cables that do not produce any smoke or gases when exposed to fire?

An ISO 9001 certified and a nationally recognized third party laboratory conducted a series of experiments to explore and to answer these questions and more.

Get the facts, and download our report today. This free download includes:

- ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory Report

- Executive Summary of Findings and Implications for Specifying Engineers, Fire Professionals and Codes and Standards Committee Members