Express Modification

Days matter. nVent HOFFMAN ships within 10.

Fast production schedules are no problem with Express Modification. Our most popular enclosures and panels, all designed to meet global safety standards and perform under the most challenging conditions:
  • Simple holes and cutouts placed where you need them
  • Your choice of 28 paint colors
  • Shipped within 10 days
  • Ready for installation

Step 1.png

Select from among our most popular enclosures and panel models. Includes wall-mount, free-stand and floor-mount enclosures; available in mild or stainless steel. 

Step 2.png

Add simple 2D holes and cutouts where you need them. Precision cutting assures your enclosure fits exactly as you design it.


Step 3.png

Choose a color from a vibrant color palette, including OSHA safety colors, to ensure your enclosure fits within your operational environment. Smooth and rough gloss, semi-gloss textures available.
*Note: Painted stainless steel products are not included in the Express Modification program.