Stud Wall

Improves efficiency when compared to traditional methods

Heavy Duty Telescoping Bracket & Mounting Plates (TB Series)

T-Grid Mounting Clip for Heavy Duty Telescoping Box Bracket

Heavy Duty Rigid Box Support

FM4 and FM411
First Means of Securement (for TB Series & RBSHD)

Stud Spanner Bar (BG Series)

Snap to Stud Telescoping Screw Gun Bracket
15 3/4"-25" Stud Spacing

Box Mount Glider Clip for TSGB

Snap to Stud Electrical Box Bracket

Snap-to-Stud Cable Support

MC/AC and Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable Support

Between Stud Panel Mounting Bracket

Flat Rigid Box Support (FB Series)

Truss-T Bar Joist Hangers

Installation of the complete, self-contained system can be accomplished with one hand

3/8" Top Chord Bar-Joist Hanger

1/2" Top Chord Bar-Joist Hanger

3/8" Bottom Chord Bar-Joist Hanger

1/2" Bottom Chord Bar-Joist Hanger

Telescoping Strut

Telescopes to the desired length and is locked in place by snapping closed a spring retainer clip

Telescoping Strut Replacement
3/8" Rod


Allows for infinite positions for box location

Telescoping Ceiling Bracket
16" to 24"

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